Working in the Meat Industry has been, and still is, a very dangerous job.

There are many hazards, and every year many workers get injured and some get killed.

This website has been built by the AMIEU Victoria to help meatworkers make our industry safer and to help us with our education on Health & Safety issues.

Here we have resources for meatworkers who are HSRs to obtain accurate information on safety issues, to use in discussions with management, and to share with members. Always call the union office if you want to discuss anything further.

Together we can find solutions and make changes to make our workplaces safer.


Health & Safety Reps’ powers now spelt out further in the Act

The AMIEU has produced a Guide to the Occupational Health and Safety Act for meat workers

The National Guidelines for Health and Safety in the Meat Industry were developed cooperatively by the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union and the Meat and Allied Trades Federation of Australia.